Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kaitlin to Meadow - 12

Meadow's letter to Kaitlin

Hi Meadow!

I smiled when I saw your email in my inbox. And when I read it, oh my, the memories came rushing back! To think where we both were and where we are now.

You had such wonderful news to share. And I have a fair amount as well!

You are going to adopt another child! Congratulations. At least now you have a support system - see I'm learning - to help you and you are no longer trying to do it alone. You were my support system and helped me through some of the worst times. Thank you.

When I think about Jena and what a strong caring woman she will one day be, I know it's all because you are her mother. You instilled that in her. You should be proud.

I, on the other hand, certainly won't be winning any mother of the year award, but now that my life is finally stable, things are so much better.

Yes, the divorce is final. Congratulations was perfect because Leroy and I did get married! We had a private ceremony at our home with just Brooke, Reese, Ben and Dakota.

Our new home is beautiful. It sits right on the river. Ben loves that because he can fish right outside the house.

Getting divorced was a weird feeling to say the least. It was both liberating and incredibly sad. Newt felt it too. It was like acknowledging a huge failure. Then putting it in the past and moving on with the transfer of ownership of Leroy's bar.

Newt, Leroy, Janet and I met at the attorney’s office and signed everything.

After we were done, Newt and I stood alone, away from Janet and Leroy to have a minute to talk. He tried to apologize. We held each other and cried about what should have been. It was so weird, but it somehow brought us closure so we could move on.

We have joint custody for Ben and I retained custody of Maddy. She is doing really well with Newt now. He is trying so hard. Having Janet there helps. Ben, well he has already said he wants to live with his father full time. I figure that will eventually happen. Maybe that's what he needs. He and Leroy just don't click. The more Leroy tries, the more Ben pushes back. But he does seem some happier now.

Reese and Brooke actually got married before Leroy and I did. It was a beautiful ceremony. Brooke looked like a princess and Reese was so handsome. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

They are living in Leroy's old house. He completely updated it so there would be room for all four of them. It's so nice.

Leroy and Newt are actually getting along quite nicely. Thank goodness. I was worried when Newt said he wanted to hire Leroy to remodel the bar. But maybe that was a good thing. Leroy got to see what I already knew, that Newt has really changed. Of course Newt is a man's man so most guys get along with him. I hope it helps stop Leroy from harboring bitter feelings towards him. I mean, we all have to coexist for the kids and if we are at least friendly it will help.

So it's me, my husband - I still love saying that - Ben, Dakota, Maddy and Hailey. Our four bedroom house almost feels empty! But the kids love it. Even Ben. He has his own space now which he desperately needed. When he's not hanging out in his room he can be found fishing in the back yard.

My life is finally in a place that feels really good. Shea and I are friends now. And she is dating Reid! They reunited at Reese’s wedding and have been inseparable ever since. Suffice it to say, I am no longer seeing her professionally. In fact, I'm not seeing anyone. It's a good feeling.

Meadow, we were like two pieces of a whole and we saw in each other what we were missing in ourselves. We are still different, but wiser and better for knowing each other. Tell Norman not to be too hard on Newt. Newt thinks he hung the moon. I hope one day we can meet. Until then,

Your friend always,

Kaitlin Chapman

P.S. I feel like a teenager writing out my new name but I couldn't resist. I am just so happy to have Leroy in my life.

Newt to Norman - 12

Norman's Letter to Newt


It was so good to hear from you especially after finding out that Kaitlin was your sister's friend. I guess you did need time to process. That was a bomb for sure. I am glad you are okay now and no need to apologize. It's totally in the past. It's just Karma I suppose. Jasper would probably know all about that. Haha!

And you have such good news! Congratulations. I'm glad you didn't chicken out and me getting married planted the idea in Ira's head!

Ira and Aari couldn't have a better man to love and care for them. I think you totally played it right asking Aari first. And how good that must have made you feel for her to casually say she already thinks of you as her papa. I'm getting there too with Maddy, thanks to Janet.

The divorce was final nine months ago. Kaitlin and Leroy married that same week. They have a kid together and were already living together so it was no big surprise. They are happy. I am happy for her. Kaitlin deserves as much happiness as she can muster after what I put her through.

Even though I said bad things about Leroy, he really is a nice guy. Scary looking as hell, muscles on muscles, but a genuinely nice guy.  He has been working non-stop on the bar. I can see why he and Reid were friends. I think they are resolving their differences now.

And guess who else is now married? Yours truly. Yep! We flew Janet's parents in from Ireland six  months ago. We had an outdoor ceremony in a park here in Twinbrook and said ‘I do.’

Reid and Shea came too.

Did I mention that I am totally in love with her. Sorry, talking about sappy right?

Norman, I have to pinch myself. Janet really is my wife and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have missed meeting her had it not been for you. Thank you so much for helping me become a man.

Twinbrook is full of old historic homes unlike Roaring Heights. We bought one and Janet is all about restoring it instead of making it all shiny and new. Who knew? I think we are going to hire Leroy for the remodel. He did great on the bar.

Ben is living with us one week and then Kaitlin the next. He’s a good kid but I do worry about him.
He wants to do things I don’t know how to do like play these complicated video games. I mean, back when I was a kid it was just Pac Man. He also loves to fish. But Fishing? I have no idea where to start.

Give me a football or baseball and I am in my element. I have so much excess energy to work off it's hard for me to be still long enough to play games or fish. I need to work up a sweat.

I tried to get Ben involved in those sports but when I suggested it he balked and said he sucked at Baseball and Football. I asked him why he thought he was so bad and he said he can’t catch - or throw. He always winds up breaking windows and getting in trouble. Not sure what that was about. I guess we will have to work on it.

He will often beg for Reid to join us and I am more than happy to invite him. He knows how to deal with Ben for some reason. I don’t know why, but they just connected. I guess that's good because right now he doesn't seem to have many friends in school. Hopefully that will change in high school.

Maddy is different than Ben. I think she rejected me that day at Kaitlin’s only because she was sick and of course, I was a stranger. Janet said sick kids get clingy. She was shy when she first starting coming over with Ben, but Janet charmed her. Now they are great buddies.

Maddy doesn’t cling to Kaitlin anymore when she drops her off and runs into my arms. I love that little girl to pieces.  Bedtime is my favorite time with her. She likes to cuddle and I tell her stories.

We have fun at the park too. It's good for me because she keeps me running. The last time we went, we were both worn out when we got back. I sat down in the bedroom to read to her and we both fell asleep. Janet took a picture of us, me with my mouth wide open and drooling. Then she picked up Maddy and put her in her own bed. It's one of my favorite pictures.

Janet has been hinting that she wants to have a baby. A baby! It sort of came out of nowhere. At first I was pretty sure I didn't want another kid. But she did. And she wants to have it with me. Do you know what that says about how much she trusts me?

Janet never brought it up before, probably for good reason. Sadly, that was one of the things that I never even thought about. I had kids so I was good. I hadn’t considered that marriage to her also meant starting our own family.  She said after seeing how I was with Maddy and Ben, that she felt like the time was right for us to be full time parents. She looked sad when she mentioned the clock was ticking. I don't think she wanted to pressure me, but she's right.

So Norman. Once again. Thank you. If you ever get to Twinbrook, drinks are on me. The bar should be open in a couple of weeks.

Sorry for the long letter, so much has happened and it is all good. You were right, both of us were in a bad places when we first started corresponding. Now our lives seem to be on the right track.

I can see finally see a bright future for me full of love. And really, I’m no hero man. You are.

I gotta run now.  I think Janet wants to start on that baby making.

Your friend always.

Finally Normal Newt

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Newt to Norman - 11

Previous letter from Norman to Newt

Hi Norm - friend?

Damn - you beat me to the punch or I should say Meadow beat me to the punch - well, really it was Kaitlin...because she told Meadow who then told you and I am a day late and a dollar short.

Dude, I was just getting ready to click send and I saw your letter. I quickly read it because I was curious to see if you knew yet. I really wanted to be the one to tell you. I honestly thought it was just what you said, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, a coincidence, no more, no less, no big deal. Whoa!

To be honest, your letter was a downer. I never expected you to take the news so bad. I have always thought you might want to take a swing at me, but your never did, until now, when it felt like someone close to you was threatened. I am so sorry I made you feel that way and so happy Jasper talked you down.

So, Janet is my Jasper. Since I can't really borrow him, I'm eternally grateful for her. I read her your letter. I hope you don't mind.

She explained it to me so I could understand. She's good at that. So it seems that I have now hurt someone your sister cares for and you befriended the monster that did it which in turn hurts your sister and her friend. I guess I just didn't think it through.

That's actually huge part of my 'problem' according to - well everyone - if it feels right for me then I don't think how it will affect anyone else.

So, hell man, again, I'm really sorry. What I wanted to tell you was that I am hopefully on the way to ‘Normal Norman’ because Kaitlin and I, we are working through things.

Janet is really a big part of the reason. She grounds me somehow. Her presence makes me slow down so I can stop and think about everyone and everything and how they feel and what they need before I do anything. I don't know how she does it, maybe because I'm madly in love with her, I only want to do things that will make her happy.

I told you last month that I found Kaitlin. Well since then, Janet has helped me not go off half cocked, but to take things slow. It's hard when all I wanted to do was go and get my kids and bring them home, to hell with her and Leroy - that's her boyfriend. I hated him. How dare he raise my children. But Janet was right, as always. And I don't hate him. At all. Afraid of him? Hell yes!

Kaitlin's boyfriend actually found evidence that freed Reid, my half brother, from prison and exposed Reid's stepfather as a crooked cop. So I guess I owe Leroy one for being a stand up guy. According to Reid, he and Leroy used to be best friends back in high school. Maybe that's why he helped him. I don't know.

But that brings me to what has been happening that I wanted to tell you so bad. Janet convinced me that I needed to talk it out with Kaitlin, to let her know what I had been going through the last 2 years and try to work out terms of a divorce. As far as Kaitlin knew, I was still the same man she left. My therapist concurs. I need to reconcile with Kaitlin.

So I got up the nerve and called Kaitlin. She wasn't happy at first but finally agreed to meet me. I thought she was going to bring that gorilla of a boyfriend with her but she didn't. I was secretly very relieved. I don't think I could have taken him if it came down to a physical fight. He doesn't know I'm trying hard to be better and I'm sure he knows why Kaitlin left me.

We met at a diner so she would feel safe. I needed her to know how sorry I am for what I put her through, that I have been in therapy so I would never hurt her or the kids again or anyone else for that matter. I needed to tell her I wanted a divorce and to share custody of the kids.

When she walked in, she was more beautiful than I remembered and she had an air of confidence about her I had never seen before. How could I have mistreated her so badly? It made me sick and I wished I could turn back time to try again. The meeting, however, turned out to be much harder than I thought and fraught with emotion.

We cried and laughed together. I told her about Janet. And I apologized numerous times. Overall though, we had a good conversation and it was at least a start.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses though. I was telling her about the process of my 'metamorphosis' over the past two years and that's when I told her about you. She put two and two together right away. Well, let me tell you, it was a bomb exploding for me too. I immediately jumped to conclusions and assumed she was spying on me.

I started accusing her, and, yes I know, you don't have to say it. It was so easy to fall back into old ways. One sided conversations, my side. She wasn't having it and simply got up to leave. I pulled myself together and apologized and begged her to stay and tell me about how she knew Meadow. She did.

Kaitlin said Meadow helped her in very much the same way you are helping me. Yes, Norm, you have helped. So much. That's why when you said you wanted to cut both of us out of your lives, I almost got physically sick. Tell Guru Jasper I owe him a beer - well a lifetime supply.

When we finally ended the evening, Kaitlin took my heart and nearly destroyed it. She put her hands on my face and looked me in the eye with tears in her eyes and said, “I hope you have found what you need in Janet and the two of you are very happy.” She still cares for me even after everything.

After she left I sat there for a few minutes and finished my warm beer. I knew after that night that I needed to propose to Janet. I want her in my life forever. I want to cherish her and make sure she knows she is loved. So damn corny, but true. I got a second chance. People like me rarely get second chances.

But I still hadn't seen the kids. Kaitlin was keeping me at arm's length. I don't blame her but it's frustrating. I was going to call her before I went back and see if we could meet, but my 11-year-old son threw a wrench into that. Ben ran away from home straight to Reid. Ben seems to have been unhappy for the past two years and he Reid are tight.

Reid had to bring him to his house overnight so Ben and I had an unplanned reunion. He has grown so much. We hugged and we both cried. I couldn't help it.

Ben is a very lonely and frustrated young man. We had a long talk before he went to bed. He did ask if I hit his mother saying Reese had told him I did. I didn't confirm or deny it, but said we had a lot of disagreements and that it had nothing to do with him. I just couldn't say yes. Maybe that was wrong but he seemed so fragile and that could have sent him over the edge.

He crushed me when he asked if he could live with me. I had to say no, but that we would be seeing each other. He wasn't happy with that answer. But that made my decision easy, I have to have joint custody. With Janet by my side, we could make a good home for him and Maddy and fill it with love.

When I took Ben home the next morning, Kaitlin, Leroy and I attempted to have a discussion around custody and terms of the divorce.

While I was there, I got to see Maddy. I almost cried again. Norman she is the most beautiful child. She has these big brown eyes and long black hair. She was just a baby when Kaitlin left and now she is a sweet little girl. It hurt really bad to see that she had obviously bonded with Leroy while I was nothing more than a stranger to her that she shied away from.

The conversation didn't go well as I hoped. And of course, it took a turn for the worse when I said some things I shouldn't have when we were discussing custody. It upset Kaitlin really bad and she acted like she thought I might attack her. I told her I wouldn't, but she was afraid of me.

Norman, she has seven kids living in that two bedroom apartment! Three of them are babies. I sort of threatened to sue for custody of Ben and Maddy if she wouldn't agree to joint custody. I needed Janet there to be a buffer or even Leroy. He was in the other room tending to Maddy since she was sick.

Anyway, when Leroy came back in, he kicked me out when he saw how upset Kaitlin was. I knew I screwed up so I couldn't blame him. I said goodbye to Ben and went home. I called my attorney and  filed for divorce requesting joint custody. We had to at least get things moving.

The next day, I took Janet to the lake for a picnic lunch and proposed. She said yes and I placed the engagement ring I bought a few months ago on her finger.

When I held her in my arms, it occurred to me that I have never proposed to a woman before. Janet is the first and that makes it special. It was such a wonderful feeling. My heart was beating so hard I'm sure she could feel it. She is going to be my wife.

No, I didn't propose to Kaitlin. We were told we were going to get married. It was almost like an arranged marriage - arranged because she was pregnant. Maybe that's why Janet makes me happy in a way that Kaitlin and I never could have been. Janet is love. We are choosing to be together. I can't wait to talk to her, to see her and do things that make her happy.

I love Kaitlin too you know, but in a different way. I think she feels the same. We were never good for each other, even got bad.

I still don't understand what Janet sees in me. I am so fucking broken. I know what I see in her. That's easy. So after she said yes, we stayed at the lake a little longer and watched the stars and I asked her - 'why me?' She told me there was a sad little boy trapped underneath all my bravado and she wanted to take away all the hurt so he could be happy again. She said he was the sweetest thing she had ever seen. She must be related to Jasper! - NO! I mean she's not really. Don't panic. It was a joke. She's from Ireland so she couldn't be. Right?

Reese graduated from high school so I sent him a gift. I called Kaitlin to let her know. Sadly, the divorce papers had been served - a week early. I felt terrible. I was going to give her a heads up. She was upset and said she wouldn't sign the papers like they were. It made me nervous. If she took me to court I wouldn't get anything but supervised visits - if I was lucky.

I was relieved when Kaitlin called the first of the week and asked if Janet and I would come down and discuss terms of the divorce with her and Leroy.

That gave me an idea. I had a lot of fun running Reid’s nightclub while he was in prison so I asked Janet how she felt about helping me run a similar business in Twinbrook. She said it sounded like an exciting venture. So my plan was born and we both hopped on a plane early the next morning to see Kaitlin and Leroy.

We met at Leroy's house which he had recently remodeled so that Reese and Brooke, his fiance, could live there once they were married. It was really well done. That made me feel really good about my plan.

Thank god Janet was there. She kept me and Kaitlin (mostly me) from devolving again. Somehow, we just push each other's buttons.

Kaitlin agreed to joint custody with Ben, but not for Maddy. I can't really blame her, so I readily allowed her to retain custody for one year and we would work out visitation for her later.

Then, I announced my plan. Leroy has a dive bar that he runs along with various investment properties and a design company which has been ramping up. I offered to buy the bar from him and hire him to remodel it. Janet and I would relocate to Twinbrook to run it. Kaitlin looked relieved probably because the kids wouldn't be far.

Leroy agreed to sell and we shook on it. I did make him a good offer, but it gets me closer to my kids and my grandchildren that I have yet to meet. So it was well worth it. Win, win.

Reese and Brooke are getting married next week. Brooke is his youngest son's mother. We have had a few conversations since his graduation. Mostly he warned me if I laid a hand on Ben what would happen to me. Sort of like what you wanted to do in your last letter. Anyway, I assured him I wouldn't, of course anyone can say anything. But he did thank me for the new guitar.

I told him Janet and I would like to come to the wedding. He didn't say no just asked if I thought it was a good idea. Janet said we should wait until the ceremony begins so we don't cause any tension. I missed my son's graduation, I don't want to miss his wedding day. So we are going. We have to go there anyway to sign the divorce papers and to complete the real estate transaction - and find a new home.

I think I feel like you must have when you were working on moving your company away from the windmills. A lot excited, a little stressed but looking forward to the future regardless of the outcome because you had someone you wanted to share it with.

Take care of Ira and Aari. They went through a lot to find their place with you. They need you more than you will ever know. Ira may seem strong, but I think a lot of it is because she feels safe with you and you have helped her heal, trust and love again.

Of course the therapy helps too, I know that for a fact. But having someone in your corner, that's means more than anyone can ever know. The Murdock family has definitely benefited from our respective friendships with the McCumber family, Guru Jasper included!

I know my journey isn't over, far from it. With your continued friendship, Janet's love and ongoing counseling, I feel like I can be the man I should have been all along.

Your not going to like hearing this part. Since Kaitlin is back in my life, I find that it's hard - harder than I ever thought - to make changes. I don't even realize what I'm doing when I am with Kailtin until it's over. It's like an old pair of jeans. It's comfortable - for me. And I think she expects a certain behavior from me and I readily deliver. Maybe Janet's right and there really is a sad little boy inside me and you are all helping him to heal.

One day I hope we will have the opportunity to have a beer together and make a toast to friends and healing.

Not-so-Normal Newt 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kaitlin to Meadow 11

Meadow's letter to Kaitlin

Hi Meadow!

I was so nice to receive your letter. Sooo much has happened since we last spoke. If you hadn't written me already I was going to write you. So, I'm gong to dive right in.

You won't believe this, but remember your brother's pen pal? It turns out he IS my husband, soon to be ex-husband in a couple of months if things go as planned.

You see, Newt did see me at the courthouse. It was as much of a shock to him as it was to me.
He finally called me a couple of weeks later and asked to meet me at the diner to discuss how to move our lives forward. That's how we figured out about Norman.

I was so nervous when I went, but I did it without a panic attack. In fact Newt was very sweet, for most of it. When he started to get agitated I just got up to leave and he immediately apologized and begged me to stay. I fear we still push each other's buttons. I guess hold habits die hard.

Newt told me that Norman helped him begin the process of turning his life around. He said as Norman began to tell him about Ira, he realized that he had done the same thing to me and it was a hard truth for him to face. He said Norman stuck by him and that it helped him get through the rough parts. I want to kiss Norman! He is an angel for helping Newt.

Newt has been in therapy for the past 2 years and now has someone new in his life. Just like Leroy, she goes to therapy with him. He has seriously changed and apologized to me over and over.

Even so, most people would probably think we would hate each other with a passion and would have torn into each other with hateful words, but that’s not what happened. Instead, we both cried and laughed together. It was an emotional roller coaster.

All the different feelings that went through me during that one hour we were together surprised me. There was love, jealousy, sadness, fear and an overwhelming sense of loss at what should have been. Plus a deep seated desire for Newt to be okay and find happiness.

It was very evident in our meeting that I still have love in my heart for Newt. Not in the way that I love Leroy. Not romantically, but more like a sibling or maybe a close cousin. There is so much shared history between us it's hard not to care about him and he is the father of three of my children.

I do know that whatever twisted form of love Newt and I shared in the past was never healthy. Newt took and rarely gave. I was always trying to please him.

Leroy, on the other hand, is fun, caring, giving, resourceful, respectful and very passionate with not just me, but in everything he does. He just tends to use too much bubble wrap!! I think I will start using that as a key word to let him know to lighten up!

Oh my, you are becoming like my second therapist! You will soon be sending me paint and canvases! I can’t wait!

I laughed when you talked about Ira and Norman playing with the toys and Jena wanted them to come over to give her new ideas! That’s just so great. Norman has no idea what a jewel he is! Actually, both of you are amazing people. Jasper raised two very independent and caring people with lots of love to share.

You say I have a big heart. It’s nothing compared to the two of you! You took in Jena and a couple of roommates. You are going back to school with the sole purpose of helping others. That takes compassion. Then Norman, he took in Ira and Aari when he knew they were what some would consider ‘damaged’. He stuck by Newt when he could have turned his back on him. I don’t care now if you tell him about me, because if I could, I would give him the biggest hug and kiss ever for helping Newt become a better man.

I still need to tell you about Ben though. My beautiful, confused and hurting eleven-year-old.

With Newt’s return things went all kind of crazy. Newt stays with Reid while he is in town. Reid was released from prison because Leroy helped find evidence that cleared Reid, but at the same time Reid’s stepfather was arrested for starting the fire plus a lot of other crimes.

When we told Ben that Reid had been released, he was thrilled. Too thrilled. A week ago, he ran away from home and I’m sure you can guess where he went. Yes, to find Reid, his hero and friend. Ben slipped out after everyone went to bed and rode his bicycle in the pouring rain to the fire station looking for Reid.

When Reid went to get him and bring him home, the bridge was flooded so he had to keep Ben overnight with him. Newt was still there so Ben had an unplanned reunion with his father. Now, Ben has two heroes. I had no idea until the next morning when Newt called letting me know he was bringing Ben home.

When he arrived, Newt, Leroy and I tried to discuss terms of the divorce. It didn't go so well and Newt went back to Roaring Heights leaving a brokenhearted 11-year-old and a panic stricken wife.

Like I said, we push each other’s buttons. Newt is accustomed to me acquiescing and when I tried to fight back, he pushed harder and I couldn’t stop the darkness from taking me. He didn’t touch me at all, it was just the tone of his voice.

Leroy was in the other room taking care of Maddy because she was sick or it likely wouldn’t have escalated. Leroy said when he came back in the room, and saw what was going on, he sent Newt on his way. It took awhile for me to recover. But when I did, I took your advice and went to Ben and tried to talk to him.

It was no surprise that he wouldn’t talk. He told me to go away and when I tried to comfort him he pulled away. So instead I stayed and tried to explain as much as I could and assured him that he would be able to see his father. That’s when he told me that the he hated it here, the kids at school teased him and he wanted to live with his Dad.

Meadow, I don’t know how I missed that he had no friends. I feel like I have failed Ben and I don’t know how to fix it. All I knew was I really needed to hold him and let him feel how much I love him, that he wasn’t alone and everything would be okay. I made him turn around and look at me. When he did, I pulled him to me so I could hold him. He’s my baby. I needed to comfort him even if he didn’t want it.

At first he resisted but finally his resolve broke down and his arms went around me. We both hugged and cried together as I told him over and over that I loved him and it would be okay. He never said anything but he didn’t have to. I know he needs his father.

I think deep down Ben knows the truth of why we left, but he doesn’t want to admit it. It would destroy the new vision he has of Newt. And frankly, I just can’t do that to either of them, especially since Newt has changed. When Ben’s older and in a better place, Newt will need to tell him the truth.

I don’t know if just spending time with Newt will be enough for Ben to begin to heal. Seriously, what sort of therapy works for angsty pre-teens whose mother and father are a mess?

On a  lighter note, Reese has become such a handsome young man. He and Brooke are graduating next week! We had pictures made. They are adorable.

Then in two weeks they will be married and the following week the rest of us move into our new home! That’s when I will file for divorce. Hopefully Newt and I will have come to an agreement on custody by then.

It’s nice to at least see Reese so happy.

Since Brooke’s mother died when she was so young and her father never remarried, I have been helping her with her with her dress and the wedding arrangements. Brooke is simply gorgeous. I got so emotional helping her try on dresses.

I was surprised when Brooke asked my opinion on birth control and said she was nervous about their wedding night. She didn't say, but I think they have been abstaining. Brooke has truly become like a daughter to me and I couldn’t be happier that the two of them ended up together.

Reese has been saving his money. They decided not to use it for a honeymoon and instead use it to help with bills so Brooke won't need to work right away since the boys were so young. And speaking of boys, Jordan is the cutest and sweetest baby ever.

Leroy and I will be keeping them for them for a few days to give Reese and Brooke some much needed newlywed alone time when they get married.

Eek, I need to start paying you Meadow!  Writing all of this down makes it feel less overwhelming. Like maybe I do have a clear path for my future and there is a light at the end of the tunnel and for once it isn't a train!

I still see Shea, but maybe you are right, it is time to find someone else. She’s too close to our situation and I would prefer to have her as a friend instead of a therapist. Maybe when I get through the next couple of months, and my life settles down, I won’t even need a therapist anymore. Just your encouraging letters.

Here’s to hoping we both have lots of Sunday Fundays in our futures!

Your Friend Forever,


P.S.  Send me your bill. I will gladly pay it!